How to Start a Game

Hello TravelPoppers!

If you are new to the game, follow this step-by-step article on how to start a game. 
We'll let you know what each option means in this tutorial.


1. Tap on Start a Game button on the home screen.


2. Select opponent types.

You can play against your Facebook friends, Pop Contacts (Pop Contacts are any friends who played any of our games such as SongPop and MoviePop), Search an opponent by username or email. You can also play against a random opponent.  


3. Select a friend or Invite one. When you click on Invite, you'll create a game with them and play your turn! 



4. Choose a destination.

The place you know the best, the place you want to visit, try out these awesome countries. 



5. Select a category. 

You can play the free categories or buy a new one with coins. Once you buy a category with coins, you will keep the category and can play again. 



That's it, now you are playing a fun game of guessing iconic photos from around the world!
If you are curious how to play a game, check out our How to Play guide.

Enjoy Playing TravelPop!

-The TravelPop Team

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    Benjamin James Anderson

    I wanna download this app to play the game, how can I do that, its not in my play store! I would like to play the game please!

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