General Crash, Loading & Freezing

Hello TravelPopper!


If you are experiencing any technical issues, the following 3 actions could help.


1. Force-close and Restart the app. 


If you notice any instabilities with your mobile games, force-closing the app might help you.

Here's how to do so.


For iOS 7 & 8 users: 

  • Press your Home button twice.
  • All your open apps will be displayed. You can swipe left and right to view each of them.
  • Swipe the app you wish to close UPWARD. That's all to force-close an app. 



For iOS 6 or below: 

  • Double tap the Home button on your iOS device.
  • Hold down the app in the multi-tasking bar until the app starts to shake.
  • When the app starts to shake, tap the " - " in the top left corner to force-close the app.
  • That's it to force-close, now you can reload the app. 


2. Update the app

Make sure you have the latest version of your app.  Go to the AppStore to update your app.


3. Uninstall & Re-install the app

Before you uninstall the app, make sure you are either Facebook connected or you set up a password with your email address. (For email users, you can set up a password from the initial verification email) This way, you can make sure your game progress is correctly saved and can be retrieved. 


To uninstall & re-install

  • Hold the app icon on your device until it starts to shake
  • You will see an "X" mark on the left top corner of the app
  • Touch the "X" mark on the app you want to delete
  • You may have to confirm the deletion of the app
  • Go to the AppStore to re-download the app
  • Open the app




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  • 0

    why is this game always freezing

  • 0
    Lin Linacre

    I have a blank blue screen and cannot get into game at all. I was considering upgrading to the premium game but not spending money if it keeps crashing.

  • 0

    every time I get to question ten on the list, my game freezes, doesn't do it on my home computer. I have tried down loading the app a few times on my phone but still no joy. come on travel pop people sort this out

  • 0
    Linda Roberts

    the game starts out fine,then when I try to take my go it turns into a white screen with no wring

  • 0

    The game keeps freezing and shutting down. I've followed all steps mentioned above, keeps happening!

  • 0

    The screen freezes, and the app keeps crashing, after each game is almost finished! Extremely annoying 'caus I have to play the same game approximatly three times before it works! Please fix or my time on TravelPop will be over!

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